Photos By Dennis Calvert Are Dazzlingly Superhuman

 - Sep 22, 2011
References: & zeutch
These vibrant mind-bending photographs are the work of the Cullman-based photographer Dennis Calvert. He created these otherworldly images without the aid of digital manipulation. Calvert is fascinated by light, because according to him, "Light is the primary factor in our ability to interpret and define the universe." Thus, by capturing and manipulating light, Calvert feels he is able to bend the rules of space and time. "Time is no longer linear." the artist explains.

Like the date-hopping adventurers from your favorite novels or the superheroes you admired as a child, Calvert's subjects appear as a rag-tag group of heroes and villains, complete with the same calibre of style we have come to expect from a well-executed graphic novel. Dennis Calvert's images are awe-inspiring and engrossing. With little post production support to fall back on, these images are supernatural themselves. So, tell the X-Men to move over, because there's a new crop of heroes in town.