Denim Daze by David Wang Demonstrates the Draw of Wearing Jeans

There are many who are of the opinion that jean on jeans is a tacky look but Denim Daze by David Wang shows just how well it can be pulled off. The perfect specimen was of course required, combined with the careful styling of Alexander Liang to produce a series of pictures that make girls gaga and men envious.

Male model Tomas Guarracino strips down to the basics to demonstrate how to wear coarse blue cotton well. A few irresistible images capture him with an exposed muscular chest as he playfully layers one pair of pants over another.

But each colored photograph in this Kenton Magazine feature flaunts a practical, appealing and complete outfit of denim jeans, shirts, vests and jackets. Denim Daze by David Wang proves you can mix and match your dark wash with your acids for a smokin' effect.