Isa Silva Makes Optimal Use of Jeans in the DIF Magazine #84 Issue

There is an haute couture/avant garde feel in the Denim Blue editorial spread for DIF Magazine #84, which is lensed by Portuguese photographer Isa Silva from Lisboa.

Styled and primped by Sara Soares of C’est fantastique!, Paulo Varela and Melissa Araujo, fellow BEST models Tiago Severo and Lien are seen clad in denim pieces of hoodies and men's skirts, flamboyant vests and other dramatic denim creations. While denim alone is laid back and casual, stylist Soares effortlessly elevates it so to appear futuristic, especially with the help of the X-Men’s Cyclops-inspired eyewear, helmets and the Star Trek-influenced hairdo that the female model, Lien, is seen sporting.

All in all, the Denim Blue editorial shoot by Isa Silvia for DIF Magazine #84 provides viewers with a fresh, new perspective of denim fabric.