Delta Shelter

 - Jan 11, 2008
References: oskaarchitects & oskaarchitects
When you think of the weekend cabin, most people will think of one made from logs, wood, or stone. The Delta Shelter is the creation of Tom Kundig, of the Seattle architects Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen. The 1,000 square-foot weekend cabin successfully combines art, design, and an elegant living experience, and all from what is basically a ‘steel box on stilts’. The cabin comes complete with 10’ x 18’ shutters, which on the turn of a lever, simultaneously shuts out the outside world.

Situated near a river in Mazama, WA, the Delta Shelter has recently been awarded the prestigious Honor Award from the National AIA, thereby, adding a few more plaudits, and officially recognising a architect who continues to echo his art fabrication education and American West upbringing. Kundig takes the weekend cabin to new levels - literally. As the cabin is situated in an area at risk of flooding, the cabin sits on steel stilts three stories high; with the living area and kitchen (sensibly, as well as aesthetically) occupying the top floor.

More forward thinking designs like this will help with any future migration back to the green open spaces of the American West. Did anyone say electricity?