The Delfi Sofa has a Thick Cushioned Center for Optimal Comfort

 - Jul 11, 2012
References: industrialdesignserved
The Delfi Sofa is the perfect piece to enhance the practical and perceptible character of a studio or bachelor apartment. Its compactness makes it perfect for small spaces, but despite its stunted dimensions, it looks to offer a condensed sense of coziness thanks to a thickly layered base.

Junonna Trotsiuk's couch takes the shape of a rectangle with one beveled corner -- a feature that makes a great improvement to inhabitants' circulation in a close-packed flat. Generous backrests invite sitters to sink into the chesterfield and a set of cushions make the plushy nook personalizable.

What's particularly appealing about the Delfi Sofa is its capacity to recline into a daybed of full length. It can thus accommodate sitting by day and sleeping by night for maximum furnishing efficiency. To top it off, it impresses visually with a bold expression of color.