Wake up to the Intimidating Sight of the Defusable Clock

 - Sep 8, 2011
References: nootropicdesign & blog.makezine
While the Defusable Clock by Nootropic Design may look threatening, it really is just an alarm that makes sure you get out of bed on time for work or school.

Mike Krumpus of Nootropic Design thought it'd be hilarious to make a clock in the form of the stereotypical bomb that most people see in the movies. Taking wooden dowels and paper, he managed to make his creation look pretty real. Krumpus also incorporates wires onto the Defusable Clock, which you can actually cut and stop the piece from "detonating." On the tech side of things, he uses a ATmega328 microcontroller to power the board.

In addition to the Defusable Clock, Krumpus also created a clay plastic explosive alarm clock as well, which looks equally threatening.