The Dear Friends Summer 2014 Collection Adds an Element of Horror

There's something distinctly off-putting about the Dear Friends Summer 2014 lookbook, photographed by Lukas Cetera. Sisters PaulĂ­na and Kaa modeled the independent Slovakian streetwear labels's latest wares, looking less like "dear friends" and more like The Shining Twins. While I have no concrete evidence that the creatives behind the lookbook were inspired by the Grady girls, the sinister vibe is definitely comparable.

One sister is demure, blonde and innocent, while the other has choppy dyed-black hair, striking translucent eyes and no eyebrows. The effect is rather unsettling; one might even describe it as "haunting." The most disturbing part of it all is looking at the sisters side by side.

The clothes themselves are much less creepy than the lookbook and can easily be worn in everyday life.