These Dean West and Jam3 Digital Manipulations are Adventurous

 - May 9, 2012
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Toronto-based visual artist and advertising specialist Dean West recently collaborated with the always inventive digital design studio Jam3 to come up with some wonderfully offbeat and curious imagery.

From the ancient Greeks to the American Revolution, this crafty collaboration recreates historical scenes in photorealistic detail with a flourish of digital manipulation.

Still, West and Jam3 didn't limit themselves to real history when making this series. In a play on historical references and pop culture, they depict knights in full plate armor dueling with sabers atop ostriches in a Coliseum-like, Roman arena. They portray submariners desperately trying to regain control of their ship as a giant tentacle harasses them without mercy.

This sort of whimsy and adventurousness pervades the entire series. The work is of a high-enough quality that one could be forgiven for thinking the images were stills from a Hollywood movie.