DayTwo Tests Blood Sugar To Determine The Most Suitable Dietary Plan

 - Apr 16, 2018
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DayTwo emphasizes the fact that what may be healthy for other individuals, may not necessarily mean the same for you. By analyzing the gut microbiome of one's blood sugar, DayTwo is able to predict a diet plan best suited for each individual. The test determines the more direct response each body has to different types of food for a more personalized plan. A microbiome is a combination of all the microbes in a digestive tract, determining how food is digested in each body -- it is unique to each person, with different influences from food.

DayTwo works in a simplistic four step process, with the result of a personalized nutrition plan. The first step following registration is the stool sample gathered using the sample kit it sends out, along with a blood test result and short questionnaire. The second step is the the sequence of DNA gathered from the gut microbiome. The third step starts determining what foods react well with each digestive system. Finally, a personalized nutrition recommendation is composed and sent through an app -- giving detailed analyses about each system, recommended foods, snacks, and routines.