David Johnson’s Long Exposure Fireworks are Breathtaking

 - Sep 1, 2012
References: daveyjphoto & buzzfeed
David Johnson’s long exposure fireworks are able to capture the magic of fireworks in a series of fascinating photos that showcase the brilliant lights and colors of fireworks. The International Fireworks Show in Ottawa, Canada, showcased some of the best fireworks in the world.

Putting on display the immensely beautiful show-stopping explosives, the Fireworks Show offered the perfect opportunity for long exposure photography. Johnson explains his method for these photos on his site: "Each shot was about a second long, sometimes two. I’d start out of focus, and when I heard the explosion I would quickly refocus, so the little stems on these deep sea creature lookalikes would grow into a fine point." As the photos look like brilliantly lit-up puffer fish, it’s easy to see what he means when he references deep sea creatures.