Ksubi Kolors by Daniel Askill Brings Operatic Slow-Motion Film Ingenuity

The Ksubi Kolors Film is directed by Daniel Askill for the Australian fashion label Ksubi and promotes Ksubi’s colored denim range.

The film's ingenuity stems from its stirring opera music and epic fume-fueled, slow-motion battle that combines three soaring color-clad models and a trio of 80s muscle cars. Askill’s idea to combine the opera music, odd scenes and slow-motion film style is commendable and captures each and every denim movement and smoke billow at 1500 frames per second. I love Ksubi’s unconventional approach to marketing its denim range; it works so well.

Shot next to Sydney’s Kingsford Smith International Airport and featuring models Bambi Northwood-Blythe, Cisco Gorrow and Heidi Harrington-Johnson, this film will surely mesmerize you.