Daniel Agdad Creates Stunning Sculptures Out of Cardboard & Glue

 - Oct 22, 2012
References: publicoffice.au & thisiscolossal
Melbourne-based artist and filmmaker Daniel Agdad has been working hard away at his craft of making tiny and intricate models and sculptures out of cardboard, and he is now putting on his very first solo exhibition.

Using the word "intricate" to describe the latest work by Agdad does not sum up the magnitude that is his series called 'Sets for a Film I'll Never Make.' Using mainly cardboard and PVA glue Agdad creates miniature structures and and experiments all off the top of his head. No planning is made and Agdad improvises as he goes along.

Daniel Agdad also happens to be an award-winning stop-motion film maker and you can see his new series of work on display on the 26th of October in Melbourne's northern suburb of Collingwood.