The Old Spice Danger Zone Man Survives the Elements

 - Apr 21, 2011
References: oldspice & adrants
The newest line of Old Spice, 'Danger Zone,' has showcased a talented new star, affectionately known as 'Danger Zone Man.'

In the Jungle Wilderness commercial, the 'Danger Zone Man' is seen surfacing from sinking sand. He then starts on a cleverly delivered rant about his defiance of possible danger. The commercial proceeds to 'Danger Zone Man' getting hit by a large truck, strolling through a piranha-infested pond and walking without flesh on his bones. Of course, the man manages to sit and simply state, "You'll smell like you have nothing to worry about."

The newest advertisement has managed to defy critics' belief that the Isiah Mustafa commercial was a one-off, making the 'Danger Zone Man' a must-see for anyone who has an appreciation for the brand.