From Side-Splitting Shaving Commercials to Hygienic Parody Videos

 - Aug 30, 2012
Fans of swan dives and Ray Lewis are going to want to check out all of these hilarious Old Spice spoofs. Old Spice's curious and crazy ads have become a hit among the Internet generation. The sheer randomness of the ads along with the uber-buff pitchmen make each new one a must-see. However, just because these ads are universally loved doesn't mean that they they're immune to be spoofed and parodied.

If imitation truly is the sincerest form of flattery, then everyone over at Old Spice should feel pretty good about all of these hilarious Old Spice spoofs. These spoofs range from celebrity videos to naughty print ads. These parodies are proof that the best marketing campaigns are the ones that are both copied by the competition and spoofed by the general public.