Hilarious Amateur Commercials Mimic and Challenge Original Ads

 - Nov 23, 2012
By now, the hilarity of the signature Old Spice front men and their cockiness is well known, but what may be new to most is the stream of Old Spice commercial parodies that followed. Old Spice is known for creating uber-manly deodorant commercials featuring ridiculous scenarios and muscle-bound front men. The actual ads themselves have a parody feel to them, which makes them amazing targets for actual parody videos.

One such parody shows a fully dressed man in a shirt and tie with a towel around his waste standing in a bathroom giving advice before shooting a suction arrow against the wall. In another, an overweight man in nothing but a towel (which mimics the real ads) actually challenges the original Old Spice front man, speaking to him in comparative phrases (which also mimics the real ads).