The No. 22 Bourbon Daneson Toothpick is a Flavor-Steeped Birch Pick

 - Jun 12, 2014
References: daneson & daneson
If you happen to be looking for a particularly fine toothpick, a Daneson toothpick is one of the best you'll come across. The toothpicks are made from Northern White Birch that's been kiln-dried and then soaked in delicious premium ingredients. One of the newest flavored toothpicks from Daneson is the No. 22 edition, steeped in six-year-old barrel aged Kentucky bourbon. The Bourbon No. 22 toothpick has notes of oak, vanilla, tobacco and fruit, and it's said to be a little kickier than Daneson's Single Malt No. 16.

The picks contain absolutely no artificial ingredients and the artisan toothpicks are definitely like little luxuries—the Daneson toothpicks are sold in either packs of four bottles for about $36, or $215 for a case of 24 toothpick bottles.