Damien Poulain 'Masks & Candies' Series Features Colorful Treat Headgear

Wearing these head garments from the Damien Poulain 'Masks & Candies' series during Halloween would be perfect for a unique get-up, however they might have one lose out on some great candy since the masks themselves are made of goodies. The Damien Poulain 'Masks & Candies' series features a ton of colorful kid treats put together to create tribal-looking face covers that are eerily cute.

Damien Poulain created this set of five masks for the Graphic Detour event happening at various Graphic Design museums in which this series has now been shown. The project was undertaken through a partnership with a candy company called Jamin and the tribal gear was inspired by pagans' garments and shamans' masks. Such masks are rumored to set the wearers into a dream-like, fantastical world, which is the idea behind the Damien Poulain 'Masks & Candies' series.