Artist Damian Oretga Comments on Commodity Consumption

 - Mar 7, 2013
References: whitecube & beautifuldecay
A former political cartoonist, Damian Oretga's artwork toggles between serious intellect and childlike playfulness often associated with such an occupation. This happens to yield a perfect formula for creating installations that are at once attention-grabbing and thought-provoking. As written on White Cube, "Damian Oretga’s work explores specific economic, aesthetic and cultural situations and in particular how regional culture affects commodity consumption."

Born in Mexico City, Damian Oretga currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Interestingly, one of his most celebrated works connects his past with his present. He once dismantled an entire Volkswagen Beetle, once the people's car in Nazi Germany, and suspended it piece by piece in the manner of a mechanic’s instruction manual, representing is mass production in his native country.