Daino Brings Human Characteristics to an Ant Colony

 - Jul 21, 2014
References: vimeo & designboom
The artist Daino has used an ant colony as his latest subject, adding in hilarious props to their environment that brings in human characteristics to the little critters.

Signs such as "free hugs" and "join together" remind viewers of popular shows such as Antz or A Bug's Life, with the overall theme of throwing over the bad guys and uniting as one. The entire work is meant to embody a sense of irony, as the only way Daino enticed the ants to pick up the protest signs was through studying their daily routine. Even though the insects pick up the slogans, they are only doing so out of pure habit, without the ability to acknowledge what the sigs represent.

Daino demonstrates how even ants can be the subjects of interesting art projects. Photo Credits: designboom, vimeo