'Daily Odd Compliment' Will Uplift Your Spirit in an Unexpected Way

 - Nov 22, 2012
References: dailyoddcompliment.tumblr
Whether you just really need to let someone know you love them more than squirrels probably love spagetti or that they are just "that's so Raven," the Daily Odd Compliment Tumblr is for you. The hilariously original Tumblr blog has created some of the best ways to bizarrely compliment loved ones.

If you're not so great with the mushy compliments, the path to the bizarre is probably appreciated. The humorous flatteries are not only a hilarious message to send to a friend, but could also be used as an epic icebreaker. Letting people know that they are not comparable to Honey Boo Boo's mom is always a good thing and should be given as a compliment freely and often.

The Daily Odd Compliment Tumblr contains some of the most hysterical lines ever and is definitely worth a peruse.