This Cycling App Identifies Potholes and Notifies Officials to Repair Them

 - Sep 4, 2015
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The 'Auto-Complain' cycling app created by Florian Born identifies potholes through a phone's accelerometer and takes action against the problem spots. The app automatically notifies the appropriate government official with an e-message and optionally, lays down a swatch of paint on the bumpy road.

This app crowdsources information so that the government can allocate time and money efficiently -- determining which roads are used by the greatest amount of people. For those worried about getting in trouble, the paint aspect is optional. Regardless, the paint is washable so it will not permanently graffiti the streets.

This cycling app is an incredible step forward in fostering communication between citizens and bureaucracy. Leading the way for other inventions that can increase government follow-through, Auto-Complain is a monumental use of the modern smartphones.