'Fulfiltret' is a Keyboard That Replaces Mean Words with Kindness

 - Nov 10, 2015
References: play.google & psfk
'Fulfiltret,' translated from Swedish into English means "nasty filter" -- which perfectly describes what this cyber bullying prevention app does. The keyboard app is a simple tool to prevent mean words from being sent to others in the first place.

Upon texting a message, any word that is categorized by the app as mean or "nasty" is changed to a kinder word. For example, "You're so disgusting" may be changed to "You're so amazing." While this may not be the most practical app when you are texting something about say, an unpleasant meal you had, the point of it is to start a discussion.

More and more cyber bullying prevention projects are popping up, especially in North America where the problem is more prevalent than in other parts of the world. The makers of this platform hope to collect data on how many people are targets of cyber bullying and hope to use prevention as a measure to fight it.