Philippe Starck Works with TOG to Make Customized Furniture Designs

Philippe Starck is a renown designer who has recently teamed up with TOG to create customized furniture designs. Instead of keeping the creative control completely in the hands of the designers, this new project connects with consumers who give their feedback on items. According to DesignBoom, "each client has the possibility to enjoy the piece as a naked design object while also getting the opportunity to form their own personal mix through colors, pattern and geometry."

Many consumers these days are looking for this freedom of choice when it comes to their purchases. The rise of crowd-sourcing for various projects has only invigorated this need even more, as people now see the results of their contributions before buying. Moreover, the distinct look of the furniture in this collection by Philippe Starck demonstrates how interesting designs can be when made through collaboration.

Photo Credits: designboom, togallcreatorstogether