The Cush Laptop Sleeve Protects Your Notebook and Your Wrists

 - Mar 14, 2013
References: quirky
Ah, the delight that a dual-function product delivers! The Cush Laptop Sleeve is a brilliant notebook computer protector that doubles as a desktop pad.

Its fine foldable material won't add unwelcome bulk to your streamlined device, but it's sufficient enough to shield it against bumps. Laminated neoprene, thick stretchy polyester and coated nylon layers enable you to crease it so that it neatly envelopes your laptop. The folio includes a pair of reinforced handles so that you can carry it easily.

Once unfolded and laid out on your desktop, the front cover panel can be curled under itself to create a raised roll for wrist support. In addition to preventing Carpal Tunnel, the Quirky Crush Laptop Sleeve doubles as a mouse pad.