Curl by Riva 1920 is a Modern Scroll-Like Piece of Furniture

 - Jul 21, 2014
References: & xoggy
Although this marble chair looks like a scroll from medieval times, the style is surprisingly minimalist and modern, which will appeal to many. Eve though it is made out of Carrara marble, the ostentatious opulence of such a material is tempered by clean lines and a simple, albeit geometric, walnut wood base.

A playful design for the home, this marble chair has been aptly dubbed Curl. Designed by Gritti Rollo for Riva 1920, is great for both traditional and contemporary homes. The materials used allow the marble chair to complement just about any existing home decor. Not to mention that it brings a stunning touch of texture as well. Not to mention that the overall shape of the marble chair is sculptural, so also it introduces a unique artistic flair.