The Cullinan Diamond Blender is Rich and Feminine

 - Nov 29, 2012
References: yankodesign
No one would have ever thought of their blender as a precious gem, but that is exactly what the Cullinan Diamond Blender is. Although it isn't made with real (and rare) blue diamonds, the stunning faceted surface gleams just like one. In fact, give it to a girlfriend for Christmas and they might squeal as loud as they would for a diamond ring.

Designed by Luis Carlos Vega and Laura Erika Porras, the Cullinan Diamond Blender might seem odd, but the shape wasn't created just for novelty. It improves vorticity and consistency by adapting the functional shape of the internal canister to the tendency of fluids to naturally keep a continuous momentum when stirred. It also has an ergonomic grip to hold and pour with.