Cul Chair by Marcial Ahsayane Embodies Industrial Adaptability

 - Sep 6, 2011
Considering the upright image of the Cul Chair by Marcial Ahsayane, it's difficult to see how such a sturdy metal-framed furnishing could come apart so easily. The sleek piece looks to assume the role of a stationary living room fixture, when in reality it can shapeshift for convenient transportability.

The object was executed in this way to make it easier to deliver from the manufacturer to the retailer, and from the store to the customer. This arrangement also means that seat won't cause too much strife if the owner moves house.

But besides this convenient feature, it's worthwhile appreciating the Cul Chair by Marcial Ahsayane for how it satisfies its main function. The recliner looks modern and comfy, and can even become home to a collection of books in its base or its backrest.