Cubic Prism by Akane Moriyama Hangs at the University of Texas

 - Nov 14, 2013
References: akanemoriyama & beautifuldecay
Cubic Prism by Akane Moriyama, a designer who was born in Japan and is currently based in Stockholm, Sweden, is a public art installation that is aptly named. A geometric stunner, it hangs vibrantly between two buildings in the courtyard of Goldsmith Hall at the University of Texas, Austin. The neon pinks and greens, yellows and blues, add a Warhol-esque feel to the otherwise traditional setting.

Made out of semi-transparent polyester fabric, Cubic Prism by Akane Moriyama was made possible thanks to the artist's background in textile design. Using 150 large pieces of sewn fabric, the installation is a cross between a hammock and a grid-like portal to another dimension. What makes it stand out in particular is the way the hues change depending on how a person is looking at it.