Shenzhen Creative Centre Embraces Urbanity & Open Space

 - Jun 19, 2009
Shenzhen was awarded the ‘City of Design’ in 2008 by UNESCO. Living up to that status, their new landmark cultural and transportation hub will be built by Dutch architects (OMA) and Shenzhen-based architects (URBANUS) based on their design. The new centre will be known as Shenzhen Creative Centre located right in front of the iconic city hall.

The design for this Shenzhen Creative Center aims to introduce a space that fosters urbanity without the overcrowdedness seen in most big cities in China today and yet supports a multitude of activities within that space.

Above ground, the Center will span across a 20-hectare landscape of parks and gardens, pavilions and small buildings known as "Design Villages." There would be an elevated pedestrian walkway "Ring Connector" surrounding the centre.

While below ground, a system of "Shortcut Connectors" link will be the future train and subway stations connecting conveniently to the other transport infrastructure in the city.