The Cryptolite Cold Storage Wallet Holds Traditional and Crypto Cash

 - Feb 8, 2018
References: ripplesprice & shop.mashable
The slimTECH Cryptolite Cold Storage Wallet lets users store multiple cryptocurrencies in a physical wallet. This minimalist wallet comes with an NFC-embedded chip that receives cryptocurrencies through a public key. The wallet features a 6051 aircraft aluminum construction making it both durable and resistant to RFID scanners The ability to hold cryptocurrency makes this wallet particularly interesting, but the real interest lies in the ability to keep cryptocurrency offline and therefore protected from hacking.

Aside from the cryptocurrency potential, the Cryptolite Cold Storage Wallet also comes equipped with standard wallet features. The wallet can hold up to 12 cards and is held together with several retention bands. A bottom cutout makes card access a breeze and precision CNC machining gives the wallet a high level of durability.

Image Credit: slimTECH