'BASE' is a Creative Area Made to Bring Professional Ideas Together

 - Jul 12, 2016
References: onsitestudio.it & hypebeast
'Onsitestudio' is a multi-faceted agency that's based in Milan and the designers of 'BASE' -- a creative area that was made to function as a hub for artistic thinking.

In order to build the space, designers remodeled an unused factory and took advantage of the open-space concept that it afforded. With this, the creative area is set to function for a variety of activities, programs and viewings.

'BASE' is covered in neutral tones, created by exposed gray brick, concrete, white paint and metal, that allow it to transform for whatever needs it user sees fit. The old factory is lit warmly with natural lighting that it's design welcomes in, making the creative area completely open and helpful in stimulating innovative thinking.