The Crayola Theory Series Captures the Essence of Crayons

 - Nov 16, 2012
References: dawnkim & trendland
There is a reason why the Land of Oz was in technicolor while Kansas city was portrayed in boring sepia-tinted black and white, and the Crayola Theory photo series addresses it. Color, in all of its wonderful vibrancy, often breeds imagination and insight, which was exactly the case for Dorothy. In this instance, the Crayola Theory series heightens the classic quality of crayons in a way that is both naive and nostalgic.

Created by Dawn Kim and Daniel Seung Lee, the Crayola Theory series translates real Crayola colors into still life scenarios. From red bricks to an eggplant and even piles of copper coins, the images capture the striking hues in real life objects. What makes the photos even more eye-catching is the use of the same color as the backdrop.