Crate by Andrew Tanner has a Surface of Many Fruit Bowls in One

 - Jun 19, 2011
References: lifestylebazaar & 7gadgets
When apples arrive at the grocery store from the orchard, they often arrive in a box lined with something that resembles Crate by Andrew Tanner. The unusual-looking fruit bowl indeed takes a very familiar form, and one that succeeds at safely transporting your favorite fructose-rich food without harming their scrumptious crunchy quality.

The dimpled dish is essentially a sort of tray made up of a grid of tiny bowls, each the perfect size to gently embrace a peach, pear, plum or an orange. They keep these rounded edibles from rolling out and onto the counter top, and from bruising a poor piece of fruit at the bottom. Having said that, this ceramic "Crate" by Andrew Tanner allows you to construct playful pyramids within which to arrange your snacks.