The CR Fashion Book ‘The White Mughal' Editorial Exudes Rich Cu

A dynamic mix of east-meets-west fashion, the CR Fashion Book ‘The White Mughal' editorial boasts unabashed decadence.

Showcasing the grandeur of South Asian couture, this fashion story entices with its splendor. Styled by the iconic Carine Roitfeld, the garments in this piece fuse fashion from both eastern and western culture to make for a novel luxury look. Model Jennifer Sullins plays a royal muse in this visually rich editorial as she adds masterfully moody dimension of energy.

The vibrant opulence of ‘The White Mughal' is cinematically captured by photographer Anthony Maule. Fashion houses such as Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel and Valentino compose this textile story that captivates with its theatrically emotive approach and rich palatial exuberance.