- Mar 2, 2008
References: thealloy & gizmodo
With the current obsession with convergence and the trend of cramming features and functions into a single gadget, even when it sacrifices quality. It is refreshing to see UK industrial design consultancy Alloy take a different and more logical approach to convergence, at least until the technology allows for an effecient all-in-one gadget, with their Couple-IT concept. They are drawing the line at two separate units for one dynamic mobile communications product, rather than trying to cram everything into a singular device.

Couple-IT is a mobile phone paired with a separate device that's a cross between a laptop and a smartphone. When on-the-go you can access everything on the handset, but when you've got the time and room to sit down, you can pop open the smartlapphonetop and work with a comfortable and manageable-sized interface. Synching software and twin SIM cards ensure both devices are updated.