The 'Addax' Sofa Design by Matthew Pope is Made for Small Living Units

Moving a sofa in and out of any space is no simple task, so the 'Addax' couch designs by Matthew Pope is designed to be completely modular to aid quick assembly and disassembly.

The customizable design aesthetic of the 'Addax' sofa allows users to mix and match various different fabrics and colors to create a piece of furniture that's modern and funky.

The 'Addax' sofa was designed by Pope for residential spaces to enable those living in the unit to easily dismantle it when moving it in or out of the home. This helps to eliminate the need to awkwardly angle the sofa through doorways and could be the world's first that can be moved by just one person.

The 'Addax' couch designs are the winner of the coveted New Designers 100% Design Award for 2016.