The Corti System Notifies Dispatchers Following Heart Attacks With AI

 - Jan 16, 2018
References: youtube & engadget
The Corti system is an artificial intelligence technology that resolves the issue of the discontinued conversation that can arise during emergency situations. It is not an easy task for emergency dispatchers to balance the job of reassuring callers in distress and asking the necessary questions in life-threatening scenarios. The Corti system was implemented in Copenhagen to recognize the words and sounds of calls to detect any signs of a heart attack. When detected, the AI will immediately notify the professionals to assist in asking the correctly correlated questions to provide a more efficient and accurate diagnosis.

The Corti system is proven valuable in its refined detection of background audios. For example, an incident where a man who had tumbled from a rooftop, resulted in a broken back. The Corti picked up a light audio of ratting, which the system correlated with the sound of a person's attempts at breathing with a stopped heart. It works on cultivating its diagnosis capabilities while taking in more information, and is in the works of implementing the technology in the United States.