Corpse Flower Lois Tweets on Her Smelliness

 - Jul 14, 2010
References: twitter & cakeheadlovesevil.wordpress
Corpse Flower Lois (@CorpzFlowrLois) is the Twitter account of one big smelly flower. Do you remember the corpse flower in the 1986 cult classic ‘Little Shop of Horrors?’ Just like in the film, a corpse flower is a giant plant that is typically found on the edges of rainforests and in grasslands.

Followers have flocked to the Corpse Flower Lois Twitter account because a bloomed corpse flower is so rare that it has only bloomed 28 times since 1939. Corpse Flower Lois has been tweeting about everything under the sun. Known for its disgusting stench, @CorpzFlowrLois claimed on the eve of ‘The Hills’ finale that she smells like Spencer Pratt.