The New Core Burritos from Taco Bell Feature a Cheesy Center

 - Mar 15, 2016
References: brandeating
Taco Bell recently began testing its new Core Burritos in the Toledo area. With a growing demand for hand-held snackfoods, this new dish could be a hit among consumers on the go.

The new Core Burritos feature manys of the same toppings as the existing Quesarito, but in the reverse order. This means that inside of a quesadilla wrapped around a meaty center, the new Core Burritos consists of tortillas lined with meat and wrapped around a cheesy center. For the meat, customers can choose between seasoned ground beef, steak or chicken, Customers can also choose a spicy version of the dish, made with jalapenos or a crunchy version featuring red tortilla chips.

With their compact design and affordable price tag, the burritos are a perfect option for consumers looking for a meal on the go.