These Halloween Chocolate Chip Cookies are Gruesome

 - Oct 7, 2016
References: foodiggity
With Halloween just around the corner, a variety of different delicious DIY creations are coming about like these cookie treats created by Instructables users wold360. Taking the traditional design of chocolate chip cookies and giving it a gruesome makeover, the cookies are each created to look like monsters.

The cookie treats are deliciously made with a classic recipe, but the finishing touches are what make them truly Halloween-appropriate. Sugar pearls, slivered almonds and various food colorings are utilized to create eyes, mouthes and teeth on the cookies to personify them into a monster treat.

Halloween is a festive holiday that's associated strongly with DIY culture like Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day. As such, many consumers are often on the hunt for innovative ways to help spice up events using items they already have in their home as seen with these delicious cookies.