Buy Hoards of Cookies with the Girl Scout Cookie Locator App

 - Mar 3, 2014
References: & incrediblethings
If Cookie Monster had a favorite app – and was real – I'm sure the Girl Scout cookie locator app would be his.

A few times a year you get a knock at the door from a cute little Girl Scout trying to push her cookies on you. Because you're a nice person and can't say no to a little girl, you give in and by one box. After inhaling the entire box, you find yourself jonesing for more. Instead of scouring the streets looking for Girl Scout cookies like a junkie, the cookie locator app will tell you exactly where that cute pigtail Girl Scout is pushing her cookies. Just type in where you are in the app to find the nearest location.

The Girl Scout cookie locator app is currently available from iTunes, so if there was ever a reason for Android users to make the switch this would be it. Just try not to overdo it with the cookies.