This App Lets Parents Create Private Messaging Groups & Schedules

 - Sep 12, 2016
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While there are lots of parenting apps out there, most of them simply act as a schedule and a repository of reminders and other information for parents, without involving in any way the other individuals that have an impact on a child's daily life and their upbringing. This is where Coo comes in.

The Coo parenting app uses a messaging interface that allows you to stay in touch with other parents so that you can exchange concerns and notes with other parents as well as teachers and caregivers. Users can even set up groups -- for example, parents of children on the soccer team can set up a group to make it easier to arrange car-pooling. Free for download, the Coo app even lets you convert school documentation and other paper notes into digital form for easy storage and sharing.

By streamlining communication, the Coo app helps parents draw on each other's support to raise children with confidence and peace of mind. Coo draws on millennials' fondness for apps and social media, and lets them apply their familiarity with these activities to the benefit of their children.