The Conway Electric Exto Adds a Touch of Excitement to Your Household Gear

 - Sep 27, 2014
References: conwaygoods & crnchy
When it comes to household electrical gear, aesthetic appeal is often not at the top of the list, but the Conway Electric Exto cords are here to add a colorful appeal to everyday extension cords.

Cords and extension lines are often the go-to source for powering up multiple features around the house, and while they are more often than not an eye sore, the Conway Electric Exto has integrated vibrant color tones to add heightened visual appeal. Using striped patterns and neon color tones to add eclectic appeal to run-of-the-mill extension cords, these wonderfully eye-catching designs help make routine household features more fun and engaging. Helping to stand out rather than blend in, the Conway Electric Exto cords will definitely have guests pleasantly surprised at your choice of household gadgets.