Dolce & Gabbana Gets Overly Sexual In New Controversial Ads

 - Aug 8, 2007
Sex sells; by now, we all know that. But a lot of advertisers are having a tough time figuring out where to draw that sexy line.

A model friend of mine spends hours a day perusing high end fashion magazines, learning from and scrutinizing ads, examining everything from photography to makeup application to the models themselves.

When I asked her if there were any trends in the industry, she was quick to point out Dolce & Gabbana's latest ads â€" ones that she says raised a lot of controversy.

What, in today's world, is too rique? Controversy sells just as well as sex does, so does the element of surprise. D&G rolled them all into one in their latest campaign, playing up the shock factor in an image where a bronzed, buff male model seems to be licking the rear of his model-colleague.

Has the Italian brand taken it too far? Or is these just the thing they need to get a little publicity boost? Essentially, it doesn't matter why a company is getting exposure â€" publicity is publicity.

D&G's controversial ad choice has been mentioned on TrendHunter before: