The ContemporaryIS Tommy Ton Feature Profiles his Iconic Work

The ContemporaryIS Tommy Ton feature in this month's What's Contemporary depicts the photographer's innovative brand of fashion coverage.

What's Contemporary is an online dialogue where groundbreaking leaders in creative fields come together to share their perspective and contemplate the "the various faces of contemporary." This month, the reigns were handed to the Canadian street style photographer Tommy Ton. He has revolutionized the world of street style by offering a fresh take on the chaos of fashion week and events alike.

His profile delves into why his brand of captures, seen in Jak & Jil blog are groundbreaking. His "perfectly designed anecdote to the overly produced images" now dominates the perception of the fashion world, its editors and those in the limelight. This brand of candid exposure fits well with the era of reality TV, but add a sophistication to simplicity.