The Constructing Memory Collection Includes a Drawstring Wooden Chair

 - Jan 14, 2014
References: huichunchen & mocoloco
Hui Chun Chen's Constructing Memory collection goes against your expectation that furnishings are held together by hardware and interacted with by handles and flat surfaces. These three unusual objects ask the user to interact with them in very unfamiliar ways, fostering mindfulness, an emotional reaction and forming a memory.

The Constructing Memory chair is quite the quirky inclusion. This piece of furniture is held together by loose ropes that run through the legs, the seat and the backrest. With no sitter pulling on them, the chair simply collapses. The cabinet of the collection is small and obscure and invites you to pull at its mess of cords in order to open up the tiny compartments. Finally, the carpet is so unlike a recognizable floor treatment. It's essentially a forest of stilts.