This Concealer for Men by EvolutionMan is Also an Acne Treatment

 - Mar 11, 2016
References: shopspring
The Conceal & Treat stick by EvolutionMan is an innovative topical acne treatment and cover-up specifically made for men. The convenient and portable men's skin treatment is an easily blendable concealer stick that works to treat blemishes at the same time as masking them. Formulated with Salicylic Acid, the concealer for men also works to soothe the affected area of the skin and contributes to faster healing.

EvolutionMan is a men's grooming line created by celebrity grooming expert Marco Berardini that includes skincare and makeup solutions, as well as hair care and other hygiene products.

As the men's grooming industry continues to grow at an aggressive speed, new brands are emerging to fill this serious gap in the self-care market in relation to men.