Siemens VDO Reads the Road for You

 - Feb 3, 2007
References: ic.siemens
Siemens VDO has come up with a dandy idea that is sure to make you shout. The technology scans ahead for road signs and alerts you to them before you can say, "Dangerous curves ahead!" The premise may be simple, but the technology surrounding the idea is far from simple. A camera will sit toward the front of your car and scan the road for any signs or information that may be useful to the driver. Once it finds a sign, the system lets you know it's there; it can then either do nothing more than that or make the correct driving move according to the sign's directions.

If you choose to set the system up in such a way, the technology will automatically reduce your speed to stay in accord with the limit, and you can continue to cruise as you sing along with "He Went to Paris." The system comes with a convenient head-up display, which shows the aforementioned warning signals and important information that may be ahead.