Compenion Laptop Concept

 - Jun 18, 2007
References: coroflot & techeblog
Designed by Felix Schmidberger, the Compenion is an ultra thin laptop concept that shows us an example of what laptops might look like in the future. The Compenion features an OLED touchscreen that works as both a monitor and keyboard.

Oh his Coroflot design page, Felix describes, "The system contains of a personal computer you take with you during the day (middle), several context-oriented docking stations, for example a home entertainment station for your living room (left), a "senstylus pen" to control the computer and a leather etui... The computer itself has an OLED touchscreen, where you can directly work on, much like with a umpc or pda. The whole screen is a slider, as it can be moved forward to reveal a second OLED touchscreen underneath, where you can have a keyboard or working controls, similar to a setup with 2 monitors."