The Common Ground Footwear Brand Desigs Shoes to Promote Social Awareness

 - Feb 18, 2016
References: facebook & common-ground
'Common Ground' is a footwear company that is committed to designing shoes that represent current social issues. The brand designs pairs of shoes that promote marriage equality, immigration and elimination of gun violence -- to name a few.

Each pair of shoes represents one issue, while each individual shoe represents one side of that issue. For example, the 'Gender Equality' shoes feature the silhouette of a male on one shoe and a female on the other. The silhouettes are created using abstract designs and bright colors.

The ultimate goal for this socially conscious shoe company is to "spark conversation, remind us of our common ground and inspire steps, regardless of their size, that contribute to progress." The collection is currently available online and consumers can also select shoes of solid colors, which represent a mutual understanding among diverse groups.